Urban Spirituality from East Manchester

Worship in Wellies

Our "Worship in Wellies" weekend has been and gone, and the old building is looking - and smelling - much more welcoming. Andrew and Kath Dodd from Hawkshead even brought some flowers for the garden to welcome visitors.

We are all extremely tired, but very satisfied and strangely uplifted. After so many years 'in Limbo' it was great to be doing something positive for a change. Hopefully we won't be in the building for more than a few more months, but at least we will be able to make the most of those months.

It was great that Baptist Union President John Weaver was able to be with us on Saturday. Despite his suspected broken hand, John was able to lend a hand with the clearout. He also joined us for a time of prayer and praise in the car park in front of the skip. This was valuable in itself, of course, but it was even more important in that it showed both our local community and the local authority with whom we are still negotiating a settlement that we have the support of the wider Baptist family across the country. It was also psychologically important for us to know that "somebody cares" about what happens to our little fellowship.

Many thanks to all those who were able to come - from Liverpool, Hawkshead Hill, Synergy and from our local partners at PJs. It was a great weekend and it is great to know that you care.

Rather less happy to report though was the number of our neighbours who, as fast as we were throwing out rubbish were climbing all over it, opening black plastic bags to see what they could salvage. Here in the UK, we saw images of extreme poverty reminiscent of those Tim and Deborah witnessed in El Salvador. Please pray for our community!

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