Urban Spirituality from East Manchester

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On Sunday 12th July we held our final service in the building at Mersey Street. On Thursday 16th July, we will hold our last ever drop-in session there and the building will be closed permanently.
From our point of view, this is good news! Although there is much pain in leaving such a beloved building, as a congregation we have done our grieving long ago. The building has come to the end of its useful life and, for the last few years has actually been preventing us from moving on. So the service on 12 July was entitled One More Step… It was a moving and joyous occasion for all involved.
The latest newsletter gives details of how/ where we will be worshiping for the next few months/ years.
We have found local homes for all our projects - opening up new possibilities for partnerships with Eden, Openshaw, with Surestart and with St Clement's School.
Full details of all our projects, meetings etc will be posted on a re-designed OpenshawConnection website over the summer.